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The Frenzy with Festival Fashion

October 1999.  The Empire Polo Club commenced its first music and arts festival in Indio, California to introduce Coachella to the world, and the rest is history. Coachella has emerged as one of the biggest annual musical events by attracting an array of artists, including powerhouse headliners to up-and-coming alternative sensations. Additionally, Coachella garners the attention of people from around the world because of its hipster yet chic festival fashion. This year, several department stores have hopped on the Coachella train and monopolized on people’s insane desires to be part of the fashion “it” crew at this annual affair.

H&M frequents as one of the major sponsors of the music festival. This year, H&M directly collaborated with Coachella through its sweepstakes and clothing line, “H&M Loves Coachella.” The line featured unique pieces including laid-back tops and show-stopping accessories. The accompanying sweepstakes encouraged H&M fans to create their ideal outfits for the musical weekend, and the most popular creations granted the winner two highly coveted tickets straight to the desert.

Urban Outfitters, the go-to store for everything hipster yet trendy, offers its customers a wide collection of festival-ready wear during this musical season, including the infamous retro sunglasses, fringe upon fringe, and the staple cutoff, distressed shorts. The UO Blog, Urban Outfitters’’ social companion, makes invaluable suggestions and recommendations for scheming through the twists and turns of Coachella. The UO Blog offers an inside scoop on the best eating spots, eye-catching art displays, and other hidden treasures. Despite Urban Outfitters’ mainstream reputation, the company sustains all of the elements that craft the aesthetic of Coachella, including unexplored musical terrain and unconventional fashion ventures.

Forever 21 follows as the newest retail chain to forge its way into the hearts of festivalgoers on a stricter budget. The clothing store offers bargain-worthy items that blend in with the priciest threads on the festival grounds. Its new line featured the eccentric indie singer Sky Ferreira sporting festival staples like crop tops, light white dresses, and chic footwear. In addition to selling attire, Forever 21 interacts with its customers through the new F21 blog, where customers tag their meticulously styled festival outfits with “F21xMe.”

Even though Coachella is not the only major festival that has flourished in the US, it is by far the most coveted. With the consistent increase in fashionista festivalgoers, the number of stores that offer seasonal festival styles will continue to rise as long as the music plays on.

Julia Espero '18 at Coachella 

Julia Espero '18 at Coachella