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It might seem counterintuitive, but the most fashionable shoes right now are sneakers. There is no doubt that you have seen them everywhere— from high tops to slip-ons, and even wedges. According to ForbesLife, “If the spring/summer couture runways are any indication, sneakers no longer need be worn just to the gym.” All the fashionistas, ranging from model Cara Delevigne to pop star Rihanna, are sporting trendy tennis shoes. The high fashion world has introduced a multitude of styles and brands: Saint Laurent high tops, saddle shoe Keds, Nike sneakers, Adidas superstars, and Christian Louboutins as well.

Neutrals, animal prints, suede, leather, neon orange, and sparkly tennies are featured in this season’s popular designs. Some shoes have hidden wedges, while others have platforms. Even traditional gym shoes have undergone a “glamorous revolution” according to Forbes, with brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance coming out with their own brightly colored collections.  

This rage spans over all of the fashion sectors, as new contemporary and athletic looks continue to merge due to the overwhelming public demand. It is a growing trend for “the woman on the go.” No need to change out of that Lululemon outfit, just slip into your fashion tennis shoes and you are “stylin.” Better yet— why not throw on a pair of platform tennis shoes with your dress? Even if you are hesitant to leap into this new trend, you have to admit that your feet will thank you later!