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Social Shopping with Zurf

With mother’s day right around the corner, you may attempt to frantically coordinate a gift with your siblings, sending an absurd amount of links to each other over text and email. As you scan through your options on your group chat, you continue to open the same link each time, frustrated by the lack of efficiency. Zurf, a web-browsing messaging app specifically focused on online shopping, will decrease the frustrating amount of links in your life to 0 and help you easily share fun online items.

Zurf combines web-browsing and private messaging in the most organized and intuitive way possible. Instead of compiling massive amounts of links to various products in a group iMessage, Zurf organizes the zNotes, or tags that you created for a picture of a Coachella-inspired Free People dress or an article on the trendy acai bowl café (yes, you can make a zNote for text too, not just pictures). zNotes are placed directly on the item on the web page, allowing you to have conversations right below what you are talking about. This process is so easy that your friends may start sending you more shopping ideas than before— score! Unlike Pinterest, which selects and broadcasts items based on your interests, Zurf allows you to independently curate content for yourself and for your friends by browsing the web. Let’s face it— you know your friends better than Pinterest does. When you’re scanning your “go to” shopping websites while sitting in lecture, (yes, we all do it…) and you stumble upon an ensemble that is perfect for your friend who will be studying abroad in Europe this summer, you can quickly make a zNote, leave a personalized message, and categorize it accordingly. She will thank you later for the Parisian inspired dress that you found for 70% off!

The possibilities on Zurf are endless. You can tag content based on different classifications such as travel, technology, lifestyle, art, and news. According to PracticalEcommerce, investment firm Piper Jaffray recently published a report titled “Taking Stock with Teens,” that 70% of teenagers shop online. Since many of us are shopping online, Zurf has decided to make the experience easier. Zurf expedites the decision-making process as you contemplate which dress to purchase for you upcoming formal or which gift to buy for for mom or dad. And even if you don’t end up making a purchase, Zurf continues to serve as a daily messaging tool to chat about cute items with friends.

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    Zurf is now available for download in the app store for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Representing the app as brand ambassadors, we truly believe in Zurf’s potential for success. Having shared the app with a small group of beta testers, users immediately praised the functionality and practicality of the app. Many exclaimed that they couldn’t wait to share the app with friends and family (especially their mothers!). Kady Richardson, one of the beta testers, said, “I love getting my friends’ opinions on potential purchases. I also like sending and sharing things that I just think are cute. By allowing you to quickly send notifications through zNotes, Zurf makes the process extremely easy and interactive.” The Zurf team is excited to introduce this reimagined means of online shopping to the Stanford community.

P.S. We encourage new users to provide feedback so that Zurf can create the best user experience possible!