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Working with Fashion in College

Immersed in a culture of entrepreneurship, fashion has become seemingly inextricable from the spirit of Silicon Valley. It’s not uncommon to find someone sporting his or her startup’s finest merchandise or obligatory Google apparel we all seem to have in our closet. At Stanford, a person’s resume seems to be an accessory worn more comfortably than nail polish. As all of my peers are figuring out their summer internship plans, buzzwords like “business” and “entrepreneurship” have become currency in keeping up with the career-banter. But thanks to Trend Tribe, interns for Goldman Sacs or Facebook aren’t the only ones able to casually slip those words into conversation. Samantha Cooper, the founder and current CEO of Trend Tribe, began designing and selling her own jewelry as a young college student. Like many of us, Cooper was looking for that hands-on summer job experience. Her experience with jewelry made her realize that she wanted to provide other college students the opportunity to have a fulfilling internship-like experience that could later help them land their dream job or internship.

Trend Tribe is an affordable jewelry company that provides college students a career launching point. Based in New York, this company helps organizations raise money by donating a percentage of jewelry truck show sales to the organization’s philanthropy of choice. Trend Tribe has implemented a campus ambassador program that gives college students hands-on experience in fashion and entrepreneurship. Each campus representative, or “Trendsetter,” participates in a five-module training program designed to teach and develop skills ranging from marketing to interpersonal communication. To put these skills to the test, Trendsetters host several on-campus events selling the Trend Tribe jewelry. Both fashionable and affordable, all of the accessories are under $50. Trend Tribe describes itself as “the intersection where fashion meets business meets philanthropy.” So if you’re looking for a killer opportunity to learn some business skills or make an impact all while dawning a killer necklace, don’t cross fashion entrepreneurship off the list.

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