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Street Style from Hometown Cities Around the World

The undergraduate makeup of Stanford is inherently cosmopolitan. Our 7,000 students hail from all around the country and world—90 countries last academic year, to be exact. Looking around campus (and past the onslaught of cardinal red sweats) you can catch a faint glimpse of internationally-inspired outfits that incorporate the street style of each student’s hometown.  

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The Skinny on the Long

Stanford’s biggest accessory isn’t clothing, it’s transportation! Longboards dominate on campus, and so these hot wheels have brought out a distinct skater style with a California flair. Read on to learn more about the trend. 

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It might seem counterintuitive, but the most fashionable shoes right now are sneakers. There is no doubt that you have seen them everywhere— from high tops to slip-ons, and even wedges...

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